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More poles below to choose from.

On Line Pricing Only. Ships direct from MFG. Allow 7 days for delivery.  Select height then choose options.

Model HT. Butt Top

Clear Anodized

Bronze Anodized

Black Anodized

Painted White

T-16 15' 2 1/4" 1 3/4"

$298.00 SALE $199.00

$346.00 SALE $269.00 $346.00 SALE $269.00 $376.00 SALE $299.00
T-20 20' 2 1/2" 1 3/4" $338.00 SALE $229.00 $396.00 SALE $289.00 $396.00 SALE $289.00 $442.00 SALE $334.00
T-25 25' 2 1/2" 1 3/4" $409.00 SALE $334.00 These poles collapse to roughly 7 ft of height and are OS2 parcels for shipping. Average cost of shipping is $27.90 to $33.00  Depending on location. Ships UPS or FedEx
     Please note: There are several different verities of telescoping flagpoles available, the flagpoles (above) we offer are manufactured in the United States and is absolutely the best manufactured pole available. Some of the others are not anodized, (bare mill finish aluminum) others, the parts rub against each piece when operating the pole. (metal to metal grinding) Our standard pole is clear anodized, use acrylic bushings to prevent metal to metal rubbing and metal fatigue.  The 15 and 20 are supplied with a 3" gold ball. The internal spring and stainless steel button release are manufactured with  quality metal parts that do not readily fail from simple operation of the pole. (other telescoping poles often use a plastic like spring release covered with a stainless dimple to cover the plastic piece that often shear off).

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Silver Fiberglass 16' Telescoping Pole For RV'S $77.00

19' Aluminum Kit With Wheel Stand $99.00

  Windsock Flagpoles from $15.30

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